Paul Dimmock


DJ (Special Events), Tailored Music Curator for Private Clients,

Business & Personal Music content Consultancy


Paul Dimmock, Founder and Managing Director of Sunflower Music est. 2000 supplies a one stop total tailored music solution for all music projects that satisfy the proven second most important human sense, hearing through
music content scheduling.


As standard algorithm led streaming companies attempt to control our minds into the position of advising us what to listen to it becomes increasingly obvious for the need of a personal tailored level of advice for premium music projects with unparalleled knowledge and experience. The accessibility of top twenty hitlist style playlists have been forced upon us to a level where the skill and creativity of identifying exact music to make your event unforgettable a thing of the past. When the level of attention to detail of a high-end project or event leaves nothing to chance why would you consider anything less that the same level of tailored music content that matches every other area.


Clients including British Airways, Lacoste, Virgin Atlantic, Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse, Oasis, Paul Weller, Take That
and Rod Stewart in one format or another have all experienced the expertise of the service provided to an unparallel level of success.


Luxury yachts and properties requiring expert advice of tailored playlists to suit special occasions as well as the
delivery of the content is also available as well as music content consultancy and supply of tailored music playlists
to Premium businesses.


Please contact me on or +44 (0)7733 227 222 for further details.


Music is Power!

Best wishes, Paul